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The have always been around. They Exist is many shapes, sizes and names. Sometimes they are very easy to see. Other times one might be right is pront of you without
you knowing. In fact you might have once been one, you might still be one. These are teh tales of thosechildren that we call BAD KIDS.

DirtBoy written by George Dondero and Art by Colin Adams

Follow the mishap expolits of Dirtboy DirtBoy, empowered by years of grime, has just escaped from the Bad Kids Zoo. Hot on his trail is an indomitable Zoo Keeper determined to return the fugitive boy.

“…promising start out of the gate, and it's nice to read a
book that has gotten off to such a rousing start.
 I have to give Colin Adams full marks for this issue's art as it's really quite impressive, with a wonderful sense of energy
about it, plus even more importantly a clear vision, as there wasn't a single moment where I found myself struggling to figure out what was going on visually…”
--Silver Bullet Comics Review

BugGirl written by George Dondero and Art by Ruben Deluna

“…BUG GIRL succeeds by creeping close enough to familiar territory (the aforementioned Goth comics) without falling to cliché rehashing Jhonen Vasquez for the umpteenth time… Dondero's narrative rings with fairy tale innocence, even as his protagonist descends into sadism and obsession. The story seems simple enough, but upon closer examination, one sees the story of a little girl gone quite mad.

Ruben DeLuna's black and white art looks sharp, adorable, and thankfully, professional. Some self-published books simply haven't been discovered. Others just aren't ready for prime time. I'm happy to say that BUG GIRL is one of those hidden gems of the small press world.

--Kurt Amacker, Mania Comics Review

BugGirl is the cautionary tale of Selma, whose profound loneliness is soothed only when she is with Jack, a trick-performing bug.

Watch BugGirl the animated short created by george dondero